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Mzumbe University - Faculty of Law Research Projects.

On the 19th February, 2020, the Mzumbe University Law Students’ Association (MULASA) organized an open debate for all contestants of Students’ Mzumbe University Senate Representatives. The debate was aimed at assessing contestants on their ability to represent Faculty of Law Students in the University Senate.

 Mr Innocent Lazaro Mgeta, MULASA Advisor who was the moderator of this debate  in picture with some students from Faculty of Law.


Faculty of Law students attended the debate.










FoL sent its students with a mentor to respond to the invitation letter sent to the Dean calling for the participation of FoL in the Law Week. The attendees participated for two days as indicated above. On opening day, attendees participated in the arranged demonstration from SUA keep left to Nunge Primary Court, and in all other related activities including launching moments and sports. On the closing day, the attendees participated fully at the RM'S Court of Morogoro. During Law Week, FoL provided Legal Aid through its Legal Aid Clinic.
PICTURE: Mzumbe University Students represented Faculty of Law on Law day closing week ceremonies

 Briefly, following a noted trend that the number of clients coming for legal aid is decreasing, the Legal Aid team organized a one-day legal Aid Sensitization Program for 55 Ward and Village Executive Officers within Mvomero District. The program was launched by Dr. Hawa on the behalf of DVC-A in a companion of the Dean-FoL Dr. J. Ubena, the Legal Aid Clinic Coordinator Dr. S. Bakta and Heads of Departments.

The Sensitization program was mannered with training to the participants by 4 facilitators. Dr. S. Bakta being the coordinator addressed participants broadly as to the aim of the FoL Legal Aid Clinic, what it does, Its target to reach villages within Mvomero, ethical issues, category of persons deserving legal aid, free of charge kind of service the clinic offers, how to get service at FoL Legal aid Clinic, etc.  

Mr. Ignas Punge addressed the participants as to the Civil Justice System. He addressed the key modes of resolving civil disputes including negotiation between the disputants, mediation and litigation. He then enlightened the participant on key considerations before instituting a civil case and stages of prosecuting a civil case.

Dr. H. Massawe addressed the participants on land issues especially on meaning, categorization of land and land dispute machinery. She pointed out the types of machinery involved in handling land disputes and the mode of approaching each. 

Mr. C. Kilonzo addressed the participants as to the Criminal Justice System. He addressed basic principles governing the criminal justice system including a presumption of innocence until it is proved otherwise and a requirement that there must be specific law making a certain conduct an offense and a punishment for he who commits. He addressed the basic rights of the accused including the right to respect, dignity, health services, and no torture.



Dr. Hawa(right)on the behalf of DVC-A in picture  with the Dean-FoL Dr. J. Ubena(left) and the Legal Aid Clinic Coordinator Dr. S. Bakta(middle) during
one-day legal Aid Sensitization Program for 55 Ward and Village Executive Officers within Mvomero District.

Participants attended  one-day legal Aid Sensitization Program for 55 Ward and Village Executive Officers within Mvomero District held at Mzumbe University.

Chuo Kikuu Mzumbe kupitia kitivo cha Sheria kimeendeleza rekodi ya ushindi ambapo mwaka jana Kampasi yake ya Mbeya ilitinga fainali ya mashindano ya ICRC-International Humanitarian Law, National Moot Court Competition ambayo hufanyika kila mwaka na kushirikisha Vyuo Vikuu vinavyofundisha somo la sheria za kimataifa zinazolinda watu nyakati za vita (Law of War),mwaka huu Pia Chuo Kikuu Mzumbe kimeshiriki mashindano hayo na kuwakilishwa na timu toka Campus ya Mbeya na Main campus. Jumla ya Vyuo 12 vilishiriki katika mashindano. Baadhi ya vyuo hivyo ni Mzumbe University Morogoro, Mzumbe University Mbeya Campus, Tumaini University-Makumira, Tumaini University-Dar es salaam, Ruaha College, Stella Maris Mtwara, SAUTI Mwanza, Zanzibar University, UDSM, UDOM, SAUTI MBEYA.

Chuo Kikuu Mzumbe-Main Campus kilifanikiwa kutinga nusu fainali na kupambana na Ruaha University na kuwatoa na hatimaye kutinga fainali walipokutana na UDOM. Katika fainali UDOM waliibuka kidedea lakini mshiriki kutoka Chuo Kikuu Mzumbe, David Mtanke (mwaka wa tatu) amechaguliwa kuwa Mzungumzaji bora (Best Speaker) katika mashindano hayo.

Kufuatia ushindi huo, UDOM sasa wamepata nafasi ya kuwakilisha nchi kwenye mashindano ya East Africa yatakayofanyika Arusha baadae mwaka huu.

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Ghent University Visitation

Students in the Faculty of Law are mentored to become efficient and trustworthy lawyers and legal practitioners. Hence, in order to orient our students in various legal skills and professional ethics, students in our faculty have established their own law society which is the forum for professional exchange of ideas and legal practice. This is known as Mzumbe University Law Students Association (MULASA).

Through MULASA students engage in academic paper presentations, legal aid activities, moot court competitions and other professional practices. The Faculty offers close support to students in running their activities to ensure that whatever they do is within the professional requirements and skills.

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Studying law requires intelligent and motivated students, abled lecturers and enabling learning environment.  To  become a lawyer requires learning that focuses on practical skills embedded  with theories. We at the FOL Mzumbe University concentrate on practical  capabilities. With cool weather and climate  courtesy of Uluguru Mountain, Mzumbe University offers the best learning environment of who would be lawyers. Our graduates are among the  best perfomers at the Law School of Tanzania. With incredible lecturers with their ample law practising experience our students are guaranteed to  be  installed with current knowledge and practical  legal skills.

We welcome all prospective law students to join our programmes at the Faculty. It is our responsibility to nurture students' innovative legal solutions to solve emerging legal problems facing our society. We encourage students to test their innovations. No wonder some of students graduate when already they have created their own jobs. That is because critical thinking and problem solving  is at the heart of our legal education.

 And so we say if one wants to become a practical lawyer Mzumbe University is the answer. It should further be added that our students are actively involved in provision of legal aid under MULASA and the legal aid clinic at FOL. The legal aid clinic enables them to acquire not only hands on skills but also community engagement skills.

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Our Management

The Faculty of Law thrives under the esteemed leadership of Our Dean, Dr John Ubena supported with four Heads of Department. Our departments constitute the Department of Civil & Criminal Law, Department of Constitutional & Administrative Law, Department of International Law and Department of Economic Law.

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Our Background

The Faculty of Law was established in 2002 one year after the former Institute of Development Management (IDM-Mzumbe) was transformed into Mzumbe University. However, the teaching of law began in 1963. Since its establishment, the Faculty has enjoyed honour of producing highly qualified graduates who have held distinctive positions in the bench as well as managing some of the leading law firms in the country. The faculty runs different programmes from undergraduate to postgraduate. For undergraduate, the faculty offers certificate in law, diploma in law and bachelor of laws programmes. For postgraduate, it offers master of laws and PhD programmes. These programmes are offered by the faculty of Law at Mzumbe University main campus in Morogoro and Mzumbe University-Mbeya Campus in Mbeya.

The Faculty of Law, has over 50 academic staff, specialized in diverse areas of law, including, Criminal Justice, Civil Law, Commercial Law, ICT Law, Employment Law, Land Law, Family Law, International Law, Human Rights, Constitutional & Administrative Law, Evidence and Civil Procedure, Intellectual property and International Trade.

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