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The Faculty is under the leadership of the Dean. He is the head of both academic and administrative  affairs. The dean report to DVC A. The FOL has four departments. These are department of Civil and Criminal Law, department of Constitutional and Administrative Law, Department of Economic Law and Department of International Law.  Academic programmes are under a particular Department.  The FOL also has one legal aid clinic. There is a coordinator  who manages the affairs of the clinic.

Regarding the departments, each has a head who  manages day businesses of the department. In addition to head of Departments there are programme coordinators for CL, LL.B and LL.M.  Moreover, the FOL has Postgraduate, Research and Publication Committee (PPC). The committer has its own chairperson and members. Furthermore, and in order to ensure administrative activities are handled well, and like other faculties, FOL has one Human resource officer, personal secretary, office attendant and one driver.

In terms of decision making, the FOL has a Management  Committee. It is constituted of the dean, HODs, Programme  Coordinators and HRO. Further to that there is the Board of Internal Examiners. This board deliberates on exams results and other academic affairs. The recommendations  of the Board  of Internal Examiners are forwarded to the Faculty Board.

The Faculty  Board is  constituted of the dean as chair, two external members, HODs and students representatives. The Faculty deliberates on agenda that emanate from the departments, the Board of Internal Examiners and FOL management

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