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Our Department teaches a broad field of law courses relating to trade, business, and intellectual property. These courses are taught at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. At postgraduate level, the department hosts the LL.M Commercial Law programme, aiming at producing qualified commercial law experts.

Our staff specialize in diverse disciplines of economic law, including international trade law, intellectual property law, tax law, banking law, insurance law and contract law. Below is a list of academic staff in the department of economic law:

  1. Mr. Edward K Prosper-Head of the Department
  2. Dr Hanifa Thwaha Masawe
  3. Benjamin Motika Jonas
  4. Ferdinand Marcel Temba
  5. John Sebastian Ombella
  6. Mwajuma Juma Kadilu
  7. Iness Mghamba Kajiru
  8. Rosemery Jotham Mukama
  9. Marha Raphael Masanda
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