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Mr. Charles W.M Marwa


Class Supervisor, Faculty of Law


Phone: 0712119662/0629162280

Fax: 023 2604382

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


LL.M -International Laws (MU).

LL.B (Mzumbe University).

Membership of Professional Bodies

Mediators Beyond Borders (MBB-US)


Charles W.M Marwa is teaching law subjects at the Faculty of Law at Mzumbe University-Tanzania. His main areas of interests are International Laws with a bias in Human Rights, Inter governmental Law and Peace studies, Other areas of interests are Commercial as well as penal laws. In addition to his current position as a teaching staff in International law Department, he is a member of MBB (US)


Journal – Articles/Papers Presented

Article: Grooming of legal Professionals to confront new realities facing the National philosophy of Tanzania. (Orient Journal of Law and Social science-volume IV, ISSUE-10 of September 2010)

LL.M Dissertation: Title: An Assessment on the Law on use of force under the UN Charter in curbing terrorism.

Article: Aid effectiveness and dynamic conditionalties. (Orient Journal of Law and Social science, ISSUE- of March, 2013)

Article: Difficulties in Establishing Liability in Online Defamation; Tanzania Experience. ( The Law Reformer 2016 -Status ( In Pipeline)

Article: Challenges Posed on The New Mining Act and its Regulations in Tanzania. (Journal of Politics and Law. No.4,Vol. 8, 2015)

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