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Advocate of the High Court of Tanzania

Phone: 0655 575088
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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PhD – Corporate  Law (Technische Universität Chemnitz, Germany)
L.L.M – Mercantile Law (Stellenbosch University, Cape Town)
L.L.B – Bachelor of Laws (Mzumbe University)

Membership to Professional Bodies
Tanganyika Law Society
East Africa Law Society

Dr. Hanifa T. Massawe (PhD) is a Lecturer at Mzumbe University and also an Advocate of the High Court of Tanzania. She specializes in commercial laws adding to significant practical legal experience in the subject area. As part of her academic career, Dr. Hanifa engages in teaching, research, consultancies and paper presentations. She teaches different commercial law subjects including contract law, corporate law, tax law, banking and finance law, insurance law e.t.c.
She has also been engaged in different research consultancies at the local government level and some states agencies. These include a study on Willingness to Pay Taxes and Levies at the Mwanza City Council funded by the World Bank, Preparation of a training Manual on Gender Dimensions within the Tanzania Police Force (TPF), participated in the Review of Existing Laws and Proposition of new Legislation in support of the Implementation of the National ID Programme (“Project”) Legal Framework for the National Identification Authority (NIDA).
Dr. Hanifa Massawe has also worked with a number of Local Government councils and state agencies in different consultancy trainings on specific legal aspects and researches. These include training for Tanzania Police Force Senior Assistant Commissioners of Police (SACP’s), training to specific officers within Same District Council, Mwanga District Council, Mvomero District Council, Mpwapwa District Council, Kinondoni Municipal Council, Morogoro Municipal Council, Bahi District Council, Moshi District Council and Temeke Municipal Council. Her specific research interests include corporate governance and compliance, commercial litigation, natural resources law (mining, oil & gas, environmental law), and tax laws.

Research Paper: Access to justice for the Poor, Compulsory Research Paper for the LL.B Degree.

Research Paper: Problems on Enforcement Fiduciary Duties of Directors: A Comparative Analysis of the South African Companies Act and the Tanzanian Companies Act, LLM Dissertation.

Ombella, J., and Massawe, H., Legal Challenges associated with Public Companies Debt Financing; An examination of the Tanzanian Company laws, pp.213-224 in Ghormade V., (2011) Transition of law and Justice in Tanzania: A review of Contemporary changes in Tanzanian Laws and Justice System, Lap Lambert Academic Publishing GmbH Co. KG,Saarbrucken,Germany.

Massawe, H., Contemporary Corporate Governance: Its Evolution and Essence, pp. 58-110 in Massawe M., P., and Ombella, J., (Eds.) (2012) The Basics of Commercial Law in Tanzania: Universities Tailored Handbook for Students, Karljamer Print Technology, Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

Massawe, H., (2013) The Administration of Juvenile Justice in Tanzania: Prospects and Challenges, Open University Law Journal, Vol. 4(2), pp. 133-145.

Hanifa, M., and Kadilu, M., (2014) Regulating Insider Trading In Tanzania:  Effectiveness of the Capital Markets and Securities Act of 1994 and the Companies Act of 2002, RiA Recht in Afrika | Law in Africa | Droit en Afrique, RiA, Jahrgang 17, pp.52-63.

Hanifa, M., Regulating Corporate Crimes: Comparative Appraisal of the Legal Framework on environmental crimes by mining companies in Tanzania and Germany (2016) (PhD Thesis).
Incorporation of Double Taxation Agreements into Domestic Law: A Tanzanian Perspective (Paper in Publication Process).

Criminal Law Sanctions in Environmental Matters: The Analytical Viewpoints (Paper in Publication Process).

Renewable Energy in Industrialized Era: Analysis of the Legal Framework in Tanzania (Paper in Publication Process).

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