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Department of International Law

This is one of the four Departments in the Faculty of Law of the Mzumbe University. The Department hosts one Postgraduate programme, that is, Master of Laws-International Law. The Department also hosts a range of law courses that are offered in Undergraduate courses. These courses include;

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)

Law 229: Public International Law

Law 326: Private International Law

Law 333: International Humanitarian Law

Law 334: Refugee Law

Law 336: International Criminal Law

Law 337: Environmental Law

Law 342: Media Law Law 343:

Law of the Child

Law 344: Information and Communication Technology Law

Law 346: Human Rights Law

Law 349: Law of the Sea Law

352: Law of Air and Outer Space

Law 355: Disability Law

Diploma in Law

Law 031: Human Rights Law

Law 033: Law of the Child

Law 036: Media Law

Law 045: Environmental Law

Certificate in Law

Law 015: Basic Human Rights Principles

Department of International Law has close collaborations with the International Committee for Red Cross (Tanzania and East Africa Chapters). Through this collaboration, a number of our students have been participating in Inter-University Moot Court competitions Essay writing and study tour on various areas of International Law.

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Department of Civil and Criminal Law

The Department is dedicated to providing an innovative and demand-driven programme of civil and criminological research and to delivering high-quality graduate education in civil and criminal law at both undergraduate and, in future, postgraduate levels. Our department offers a range of civil and criminal law courses to Certificate in Law, Diploma in Law and Bachelor of Law programmes. Importantly, our department hosts the entire undergraduate programme at the faculty of law, Mzumbe University. We thus accompany every undergraduate law student from the day he/she joins Mzumbe University to the day he/she graduates. Staff of our department specialise in Civil and Criminal Procedure Law, Anti-Corruption and Anti-Money Laundering, Refugee Law, International Criminal Law, and Criminology and Criminal Justice.

The Department hosts the faculty’s Legal Aid Clinic through which staff and students engage themselves to provide legal services to the community.

Contact us through:


Department of Civil and Criminal Law,

Office No. 012,

Faculty of Law Building,

Mzumbe University,

P.O. Box 9,

Mzumbe, Morogoro


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Certificate in Law

This is a one year program with two semesters. The program requires candidates to successfully complete a total of 25 credit points including field project report. The program intends to prepare candidates to work as Court clerks or other judicial personnel, legal technicians or clerical personnel with the legal background in the Judicial Department or Law firms/organizations.

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Diploma in Law

This is a two-year programme with four semesters. The programme requires candidates to successfully complete 47 credit points including field work. The programme aims at equipping students with fundamentals of various fields of the law in order to prepare them for middle level positions as judicial officers, administrative officers and legal officers who are well prepared to cope with the socio-economic changes in their countries.

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The LL.D degree Programme is intended to train law graduates in specific areas of specialization and provide them with a deeper understanding of the law, research skills and other relevant legal skills that will enable students to become experts in a particular field of law and be able to pursue the course of justice in respect of persons (natural and legal) who need legal assistance on various matters

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