To become a leading customer focused knowledge generation, development, dissemination and learning centre in public administration, leadership and management professions in Tanzania and beyond by 2025


To create an enabling environment for the development and sustenance of high quality and relevant education, training and extension services through strong teams and collaborative linkages which support staff, students and other stakeholders to grow together to achieve highest levels of competencies and ethical conduct.

Faculty Background

The Faculty of Law was established in August 2002. The Faculty focuses on the administration of justice by providing opportunities for the acquisition, development and preservation of knowledge and skills in the legal area, through training, research and professional services. The Faculty of Law runs undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, namely, Certificate in Law, Diploma in Law, LL.B, LL.M and PhD programmes. In particular, the Faculty strives to achieve the following:

  • To enhance knowledge in the administration of justice by encouraging both the academic staff and students to learn and seek knowledge and truth.
  • To produce highly educated and adequately trained experts for the administration of justice, but who are also well prepared to use the acquired skills for self-employment and the manning of key positions in both the public and private sectors.