Bachelor of Law-LLB (3 years)


The Faculty of Law offers a Bachelor of Laws degree based on a combination of taught courses and a dissertation. The programme involves full-time study for three years, each year being divided into two semesters. In total, there are six semesters to be covered before one graduate, and each semester carries the weight of twelve (12) credit points. The long vacation after completing second year studies is devoted to students’ field attachment, and the purpose is to enable students to merge the theoretical knowledge gathered in the classroom with the practical life beyond the classrooms. At the end of the field work, each student is required to produce LL.B dissertation/research report. At the end of the programme, graduants will be able to serve in the legal system; provide legal services both in the public and private sectors of their countries and analyze legal documents for legal opinion, both to individuals and the public.

Core Courses: Legal Method I & II, Land Law I & II, Jurisprudence & Legal Theory I & II, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Law Evidence I & II, Law of Business Association, Labour Law, Law of contract I & II, Administrative Law I & II, Civil Procedure I & II, Legal Systems of EA, Constitutional Law, Law of Torts I & II, Law of Succession and Trust, Family Law, Alternative D. Resolution, Communication Skills for Lawyers, Legal Research, Public International Law, Legal Skill, Private International Law, Introduction to information technology, Development perspectives, Tax law.

Elective Courses: Legal Aspects of International Trade and Investment, Competition Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Humanitarian Law, Refugee Law, Insolvency Law, International Criminal Law, Environmental Law, Criminology and Penology, Local Government Law, Banking Law, Insurance Law, Media Law, Law of the Child, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Law, Health Law, Human Right Law, Social Security Law, Law of the Sea, Sale of Goods & Agency.